Why You Should Work with Our Direct Lenders

If you’re a real estate investor looking for direct lenders to finance your next (or first!) investment, our network of investor friendly lenders has something for you. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential investment lender, a new construction or fix and flip home lender, or a lender to help with a remortgage or refinancing, our network of private lenders is waiting to work with you.

We have lenders in all 50 states who deal in every type of financing you can think of. Not only do we have something for everyone, but by using our network, you can rest assured knowing that your credit report will not be getting hit after hit from prospective lenders. We at Total Capital Network never check your credit score. Instead, we match you with lenders based on an estimate that you provide. This means that your financials are only being checked by lenders you actually want to work with!

If you are looking for financing without the never-ending hassles, long waits, strict requirements and low approval rating of traditional bank loans, read on to find out how our network of lenders can help you.

How Our Private Lender Loans Work

Total Capital Network does not provide any loans; instead we sort through countless investor friendly lenders and select only the best for our network. To ensure that we match you with the right lender, all you have to do is fill out some information about the type of loan you need. This quick (37 seconds!) form will save you countless hours of searching for loans with the wrong lenders. For example, if you’re looking to finance a fix and flip single family home, you won’t want to waste your time discussing loan options with someone who only invests in multi-family properties. Simply input how much financing you need, the location, size and type of property, as well as a few details about yourself and we’ll pair you up with the best direct lenders for real estate investors like you.

So, if you’re looking for a fix and flip home lender, we’ll scour our elite network of fix and flip lenders to find one that matches your profile. We maintain a diverse group of direct lenders for real estate investors to make sure there really is someone for everyone! Worried your credit score isn’t up to scratch? We have lenders who are more concerned about the value of the property than anything in your credit report. Looking for a large amount of financing? Our investors provide private lender loans from just a few thousand all the way into the multi-millions! Just starting out in the investment game? We have lenders who are happy to work with newcomers and who will still provide you with a good line of credit and excellent terms!

What types of loans do our lenders provide?

Once you are connected with our network of investors, you can expect access to the following types of loans:

Hard Money Loans

These types of loans are perfect for:

Refi or Cash-out Refi Loans

You’ll want to consider these types of loans if:

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are for investors who:

Once you apply for access to our network of investor friendly lenders, you’ll be paired with lenders who actually want to work with you. From there, you’ll be able to decide which type of financing is right for your situation. You can compare terms, rates, and lender requirements to find the easiest, most hassle-free loan ever! No matter what type of loan you are looking for, we strive to make sure you get it quickly and easily, without the headache of searching for traditional financing. Stop wasting time contacting lenders who don’t have any intention of working with you, or who require you to bend over backwards for their financing. Get access to the financing you need today by filling out our simple form.