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If you’re looking to secure an investment loan, there’s a good chance you’re overwhelmed with the amount of information on the internet regarding funding and lenders. The type of funding for real estate investors depends on several factors. For starters, lenders for property investors will look at how much capital you have. Second, they will want to make sure they are getting a good return on their loan. This is why hard money loans for real estate investors tend to have higher interest rates and shorter terms than bank loans. However, hard money loans tend to be the best loans for real estate investors looking to purchase multiple properties, fix and flip commercial or residential properties, or close a sale quickly.

Our lenders have been selected because of their interest in funding these types of loans. Securing financing for property investors has never been easier. Our investor friendly lenders are already vetted, so you don’t have to worry about barking up the wrong tree. Whether you’re looking to finance a construction project, buy a high return multifamily property or invest in a fix and flip, our lenders are ready to work with you.