“Real Estate Investors Make Money in Their Sleep” --Sal Lentini

Nothing like waking up knowing that you got wealthier just by sleeping!

“Real Estate Nutrition Facts” --Sal Lentini

You are what you eat... read... rehab... refi... network... acquire...

Set a goal and "Go for it!" --Sal Lentini

If you don't have a goal, you can't map out your plan. If you can't map out your plan...what direction will you go?

"Want to pay my mortgage while I get wealthy?" --Said EVERY landlord ever

Real estate investing seems almost ridiculous when spelled out in a single panel cartoon doesn't it?

“How many doors do you want?” - -Sal Lentini

Rental properties get referred to as "doors". How many do you want in your portfolio?

“Real estate success: Dream It. Buy It. Rent It. Repeat.” - -Sal Lentini

Your real estate plan doesn't need to be complicated. When you boil it down it's actually quite simple.