Automate your real estate marketing


Website chat:
You can use services like Chatbot or ZenDesk to automatically answer questions on your site 24/7.  This provides instant customer satisfaction and increases your chances of customer acquisition.

Email drips:
Using ActiveCampaign or MailChimp you can set up emails to go out at regular intervals to your list.  Don’t rely on you finding time or remembering to draft an email to send out.  Set up all of your emails once and then put them on autopilot using autoresponders in your email marketing software.

Social media marketing:
One of the hardest parts about social media marketing is the consistency.  Making sure you deliver content regularly.  Instead of trying to remember and find the time every day or every other day.  Once a week you can generate a bunch of content, images, posts….and then use a service like Hubspot or Later to deliver them automatically on a schedule of your choosing.

Virtual assistant:
If you have a lot of small marketing tasks that you feel are sucking your time away from things that truly matter for your business then you should seriously consider hiring a VA.  You can find your candidates on UpWork.  I know, it’s hard to hand over control sometimes.  But, once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!