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Kimberly Hall

Just had my first experience talking to a lender that wasn’t turned off by my self employment They cared about the deal. I never understood why previous lenders never seemed to care about my screaming deals. Thanks @Total Capital Network.

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Madison Carlson

@TotalCapitalNetwork Before your site I’d find deals but couldn’t find financing to acquire them Now I have a lender that prefers working with real estate investors. Maybe change your name to Total Game Changer?

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John Sturgess

Instead of searching and begging lenders to finance my deals, Total Capital Network “Lender Match” had lenders calling me In the past 9 months, I’ve done 7 deals with the same 2 lenders

Nick Seemer

Nick Seemer

@Total Capital Network You saved me about a gazillion hours of searching. Now I’m halfway through my rehab project when I still would’ve been looking for financing! Thank You )
Julie Landis

Julie Landis

@Total Capital Network My real estate portfolio has exploded now that I have access to investor fnendly lenders. Being self employed, I don’t have W2 income. Your lenders look at the numbers on the property Smart!


Never before could I get financing for multiple Fix Flip deals at the same time. The lender Total Capital Network connected me with has taken my real estate business to the next level!

Adrienne Garvey

Adrienne Garvey

I submitted my online loan request to Total Capital Network and was talking to a lender 3 minutes later They actually PREFER lending to real estate investors like me. That was a new experience!

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Instead of countless hours contacting lenders to finance your deals, submit your loan request ONCE and we match you with 1-2 most appropriate lenders. Your contact info is only shared with the 1-2 lenders that match your loan request.

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We have lenders for every property type and every type of borrower.
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Our founder is a real estate investor just like you. He started out wholesaling, then flipping, then single family rentals, multi family rentals, commercial and land development. He’s seen it all and experienced the pain of financing every step of the way.

After his first 5 rentals, he was no longer able to get “traditional financing” so he spent many hours, days, weeks, months…years establishing relationships with Investor Friendly Lenders. These lenders look at the numbers of the deal and don’t ask for your FIRST BORN.

With his portfolio growing to 168 rentals, he decided to give back and simplify the process he went through by creating this site to match Borrowers & Lenders.

Best Loans for Real Estate Investors

Are you looking for the top lenders to help finance your housing project or remortgage needs? Finding the best lenders for rental property deals can be a bit tricky. Because there are so many of them, picking which one to work with takes a good amount of time and research. You have to make sure that the one you choose can provide the support you need to make your real estate dreams a reality.

With Total Capital Network, finding the right loan investors should not be a problem. With our vast network of mortgage loan investors, we have options for every type of property and every type of borrower.

Our application process is quick and easy (37 seconds!) We have a no income verification process so if you’re looking for a no income verification mortgage, you can get approval instantly.  No need to wait hours, days, weeks, or months.

Whether you’re looking for construction, fix and flip, commercial or residential hard money lenders, we have an investor friendly lender for you. Our network of commercial and residential construction loan lenders will get you the money you need for your fix and flip, renovation or new build project right away, while our commercial real estate lending partners will help you get the investment property you have your eye on – no income verification required!

Unlike other lenders, those in our network provide funding and financing for your rental property, residential property, commercial property, and other real estate deals, fast.  So, if you’re looking for a speedy, uncomplicated deal with real estate lenders, residential mortgage lenders, or commercial mortgage lenders, then get in touch with us now so we can match you with the appropriate investment property loan.