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Loans based on real estate - not your W2 or tax return. Multiple offers in minutes.


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Our lenders WANT to lend to you. By finding a real estate investment worth investing in you’ve already done the hard work. Our lenders have more money than deals and that’s where you come in! They are trying to find investors like YOU. They’re here waiting for you to to submit your request.


How Do I Get Started?

It couldn’t be easier. Fill out the short form and our network of investor friendly lenders compete to provide the funding you need for your real estate deal. That’s the best part… once you start, you’re done! A lot better than weeks of searching and rejections isn’t it?

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Who Will Lend to You?

Our network of lenders include: local investors, hedge funds, wall street funded companies, billionaire funded private equity, crowdfunding platforms, family offices and private lenders. These lenders WANT YOU to use THEIR MONEY. They don’t make money on their money unless they lend it out.

No Social Security.
No Credit Check.

Lending based on the property not YOU. Unlike banks, our lenders see your properties as assets not liabilities.

  • Fast and Simple Funding
  • Real Estate Friendly Lenders
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Loans Based On The Deal

(Not Your Credit, W2 or Tax Returns)

  • Self employed? No problem
  • Less than perfect credit? No problem
  • Rejected by Banks? No problem

Self employed?
No problem

Less than perfect credit?
No problem

Rejected by Banks?
No problem

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Your Loan Problems... Solved!

Your Loan Problems Solved!

READY. SET. GO! Funding for any real estate investment. Purchase, refinance, lines of credit, bridge, construction, multi family, mobile home parks, portfolio…everything.

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Lenders compete for YOUR loan
  • Multiple offers
  • Fast and Simple
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Need to Know More?

Lenders compete to finance your investment property

Your request for funding is presented to our network of pre-qualified lenders. Our site matches your request with the appropriate lenders. Instead of you scouring the internet, trying to figure out which lenders are real and which are all talk, we’ve done that for you.

No More Stress

Now you can focus on the fun part of real estate… the part you’re good at – finding deals! Have you heard of the term “More deals than money”? That will no longer apply to you.

So Easy, There’s No Need to Look Anywhere Else

We’ve brought together the strongest collection of investor friendly lenders, all here waiting to lend. If it’s a good deal, you will find lending here.

Real Estate Investor Friendly Lenders

Traditional banks are great for financing your primary home. Sometimes they can even work out if you buy a nice vanilla rental property or two (as long as you have a strong W2 and tax return). But, try buying a fix and flip property, a multi family or more than 4 or 5 rentals. Good luck! Our lenders LOVE these types of deals.

One Stop Shopping

Save time, money, credit checks and stress by filling out the form and having our real estate investor friendly lenders come to YOU.